A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A game so frustrating and so addictive that one can play for hours and hours. Beautiful design and brilliant art and one of the most satisfying endings in all of gaming history... ish. Perfect for giving yourself a challenge like a noob or speed ruining like a pro.

Good luck, have fun and stay frustrated!!!

Install instructions

Just download the zip, unzip and click the old dude aka exe.


FrustratedOldManZIP.zip 30 MB
FrustratedOldManOSX.zip 36 MB


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new rekord: 110sec

new record: 131.34 sec



318 Sec, yes!

well done! Keep on the frustrating work


Current fastest time:   142sec


I did it haha 344 on the timer

Good job Rugnir!